Strength Palace with Addy
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“Addy is exactly what you want in a personal trainer: Knowledgeable, enthusiastic, personable and patient!”

— Marnie G. April 2018

“Addy’s focus on helping you feel your best is such a relief when so many other people focus on looking your best or working so hard you feel sick.”

— Kaitlin M. October 2017

“ Focused and inclusive, the variety of exercises and modifications presented feel challenging but not in an externalized, overly competitive manner. The workout circuit is intense in a cumulative way, that I can feel the results of while not being repetitive. Plus, it is a cool place and good people all around.”

— Trent R. October 2017

“Strength Palace is the perfect combo of fun and challenging. Addy is super thoughtful in her planning, from varying the exercises to killer playlists! If you only have a small amount of time to devote each week to fitness, this class will leave you feeling like you used it wisely.”

— Hannah H. January 2018

“Last week was so much fun! I hate doing any kind of strength training on my own and Addy kept it moving and interesting so the hour went by a lot faster than I expected it to. Everyone should go!”

— Laura S. July 2017

“Really fun! I liked the quick pace and different stations, felt like I was getting a workout but also got enough time for breaks and cool downs that it didn’t make me hate anyone. There could have been more Kanye but no one is perfect! Addy shows modifications, explains everything really simply & is always available to answer any questions. Really enjoyed this class!”

— Julie M. August 2017